What The Plastic Surgeon Does

Plastic surgery is a speciality in medicine that concerns corrective and restorative procedures in the patient’s body in terms of both form and function. While cosmetic surgery is the most commonly known type of surgery, a plastic surgeon will provide a variety of other procedures for their clients. Many types of reconstructive surgeries fall under this professional’s care, including craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, some types of microsurgery, and treatment options for burns.

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most common procedures that the plastic surgeon performs. It is an optional procedure that is usually done to ordinary parts on the body with the intent of improving a person’s aesthetic appearance. This surgery can either be done to augment a certain part of the body or remove signs of aging. In 2006, almost eleven million cosmetic procedures had been performed in the United States alone. This number has been steadily increasing over time as more and more people are interested in working with such professionals to augment their appearance. The five most common surgeries that were performed on a cosmetic basis were breast augmentation, liposuction, different types of nasal surgery, eyelid surgery and abdominoplasties. Of thirty-four primary cosmetic procedures, nineteen of them are surgical in nature, including things such as facelifts and rhinoplasties. The rest are nonsurgical procedures, which included things such as laser hair removal and Botox.

Plastic surgeons also perform reconstructive plastic surgery procedures. These are designed to help correct a variety of functional impairments after they have been caused by burns and traumatic injuries. They can help alleviate congenital abnormalities, most developmental abnormalities, different types of disease and infection, and even help with cancer and tumors. While it is primarily done to help improve the potential for practical function in a body part, it may also be done with a cosmetic procedure in order to create a more normal appearance. Among the most common types of reconstructive procedures performed are tumor removals, laceration repairs, scar repairs, different types of hand surgeries, and breast reduction surgeries.

Among other types of reconstructive surgical procedures are breast reconstruction surgeries. These are typically performed after a mastectomy in order to help treat cancer. Different types of cleft lip and palate surgeries are also performed. Contracture surgery is another type of common surgery that is available for burn survivors. Additionally, new procedures are constantly being developed. One of the latest developments in reconstructive surgery was a procedure that would allow the creation of a new outer ear in patients where one was absent congenitally.

Most plastic surgeons use microsurgery in order to transfer tissue for the coverage of defects where no local tissue is available. Things such as excess skin, muscle, fat, bone, and any combination can be removed from the patient’s body and applied to another location on their bodies. These are then reconnected to blood supplies by suturing the arteries and veins together. Prices for most plastic surgeries can vary widely depending on the procedure that is being done, the level of skill in a professional, and the location in which the procedure is being performed. Individuals can expect to pay several thousand dollars for most reconstructive and aesthetically driven procedures. All clients who are interested in undergoing such procedures are strongly encouraged to perform general and local research on what surgery they want to be done.

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